Sportface Biggest Masters Story: Tommy Fleetwood Mac

Sportface Biggest Masters Story: Tommy Fleetwood Mac

Biggest Masters Story: Tommy Fleetwood Mac

Sorry but the biggest storyline at the Masters this week is not Tiger’s return after four years and, if he wins, achieving one of the greatest sports comebacks ever. Big deal.

And it is not Phil Mickelson with the chance to be the oldest person to ever win the Masters. Nor is it Rory McIlroy going for the career Grand Slam.

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No, the story of this tournament is Tommy Fleetwood Mac, who like the rest of us is in love with Stevie Nix, lead female vocalist with the legendary rock band, Fleetwood Mac. Tommy Fleetwood Mac listens to Fleetwood Mac tunes every morning before he plays golf. This morning, for example, he listened to “You Can Go Your Own Way,” “Rhianna,” and “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.”

Visually, Tommy Fleetwood reminds you Fleetwood Mac’s lead guitarist, Lindsay Buckingham in his twenties, who once was in love with Stevie Nix also but had a big falling out with her during the time they made some great sad love songs for their mega-album, Rumours. Tommy looks like Lindsay because he has long stringy hair like most rock stars do at some point in their careers.

TFM also looks like a typical relief pitcher in major league baseball with that long, unkempt hair gushing out the back of his head while wearing a hat. That’s Tommy Fleetwood, the only guy on the PGA tour who sports a relief pitcher look. Most of the other PGA players have shorter hair although quite a few, including Tommy, have rather lengthy facial hair.

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Before he teed off in the first round today, Tommy was asked about his feelings for Steve Nix.

“Who doesn’t love Steve Nix?” he asked rhetorically. “She’s been a mega rock star for five decades and I feel a special kinship with her because my last name is the first name of her band. Tommy Fleetwood digs Fleetwood Mac, and his favorite song is ‘Landslide,” because it reminds me of what can happen to my golf game at the Masters this week if I don’t keep my hair long and stringy.”

When he isn’t golfing, Tommy Fleetwood Mac immerses himself in another hobby as he listens to Fleetwood Mac songs. The hobby is writing emails to Steve Nix and sending them to her. Recently she responded to him with this message: “Good luck at the Masters this year, Tommy Fleetwood Mac. You can go your own way and don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.”

Tomorrow during his second round at the Masters, Tommy Fleetwood Mac won’t stop thinking about Stevie Nix.

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One thought on “Sportface Biggest Masters Story: Tommy Fleetwood Mac

  1. Seriously?
    1. It’s Stevie NICKS, not NIX
    2. It’s Rhiannon, not Rhianna
    3. It’s “Don’t Stop”…if you want to add the extra line it’s done parenthetically “Don’t Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)”
    4. Lindsay Buckingham had an curly haired afro in his 20’s. Mick Fleetwood had the long, stringy hair. As did the aforementioned Ms. Nicks, along with John & Christine McVie. Buckingham, while his hair was longer, was the only one in the band whose hair never looked “long and stringy.”

    If you are going to make musical references, please do your due diligence and show respect to the artists and fans by getting it right. Immediately, you are seen as a hack that either:
    (a) doesn’t actually know anything about the subject of which you are speaking
    (b) simply doesn’t care enough to do it right

    I am sure that you are an intelligent fellowand an extremely capable writer. This is the only article of yours I have ever read, so I cannot make a complete judgement and will give you the benefit of the doubt…

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