SS: Believe Loyola of Chicago Will Win Title

SS: Believe Loyola of Chicago Will Win Title

Believe That Loyola of Chicago Will Win National Hoops Title

You know what storyline will move your heart and soul the most. You know it could happen – Loyola of Chicago, national champions – because just about everything else has in this men’s March Madness tournament. And you know it will be a much more compelling story than if Michigan, Villanova or Kanas win the title.

You want Loyola of Chicago to cut down the nets next Monday night as national champions in men’s college basketball. It will be one of the most shocking sports achievements in the history of this decades-old tournament, bigger than NC State over Houston and Villanova over Georgetown.

If this team, the Ramblers, wins the national title, we will be talking about them as having pulled off one of – if not the – most amazing sports achievements in sports history. How can you not root for that?

This nation will be rocked and inspired to its core. American people will gaze at these guys and wonder how they did it and be grateful that they showed us that things that seem truly impossible are possible. We want to believe this but so often we are shown that the impossible is impossible. If they win the national title, we will view things differently from now on.

If Loyola of Chicago, a mid-major relatively unknown basketball team, can beat all the big boys in the biggest tournament of the year with everything at stake, then there is hope for us that we can do amazing and improbable things with our own lives. We won’t have to doubt the possibility of this anymore. Loyola of Chicago will have proven it can be done.

We need to believe that difficult challenges can be overcome and conquered. So often they are not. But this team, if it wins its next two games, will have proven to us that this is true, that whatever we’re challenged to overcome in our lives can be wrestled to the ground and we can win, we can be victorious, we can cut down the nets on Monday night in whatever sense this applies in our own lives.

After the team clinched the victory over Kansas State last Saturday to earn the trip to San Antonio and the Final Four next weekend, two of the star players were interviewed, Clayton Custer and Ben Richardson. Custer said there were people who doubted that the two of them could ever be Division 1 basketball players. But they believed they could.

And they are. And they’re not just on a Division 1 team. They’re stars playing this weekend with the nation’s elite Division 1 basketball programs. It was Richardson’s dead-eye outside shooting that netted him 23 points in the Elite 8 game and lifted his team to victory. Custer’s solid overall floor game at the point guard position was the steadying influence the squad needed in such a pressure-packed game with so much at stake.

Custer made the game-winning shot at the buzzer to lead his team to the second round upset victory.

These two guys are central figures and main reasons why this upstart team has surprised the basketball world with this incredible run to the Final Four. They got an idea in their heads that they wanted to play Division 1 basketball when others thought they were being unrealistic. Undeterred, they persisted. They chased their dreams and believed in themselves.

Now they have an entire nation believing in them.

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