SS: Grinnell College Hooper Leads America in Scoring

Grinnell College Hooper Leads America in Scoring

A basketball player fantasizes about dominating a game, knocking down
outside shots, driving and weaving for pull up jumpers, racking up big
scoring stats, being dominant and unstoppable, scoring at will,
whenever and from wherever.

In this fantasy, the points pile up with ease and to the amazement of
the crowd, teammates, and opponents. For this player, the game is as
easy as walking in a park because you are so good at it, naturally.
The ball keeps swishing through the net.  Nobody can stop you even
though they know you’re a prolific scorer. You’re in a great groove.
You’re on fire.

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You lead the entire United States of America in scoring at the college
basketball level.

This fantasy has come true in real life for Vinny Curta, a slender six
foot five inch all around scoring machine on the Grinnell College
hoops team.

For the small private school in Iowa, he leads all of college
basketball with a 33 points per game average.






Sporting a white headband and fire engine red shoes, Curta is
enjoying a season that young boys imagine when they’re in grade school
practicing on the driveways courts. From outside, he sticks shots in.
He also drives to his left and right for pull up jumpers. His free
throws have perfect form and follow through.

In one game he popped in 52 points, in another 51, and in another 42.
He is averaging 33 points while playing only 19 minutes per game.

Everybody who follows college basketball is talking about the great
talent possessed by Oklahoma freshman guard, Trae Young, who is
averaging 29 points per game and 10 assists and is the leading
candidate for national player of the year.







As phenomenal a season as he is having, there is this one other guy
out there in America who is also playing crazy great basketball.

That guy is Vinny Curta.

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