BC Football: Spring Practice Report

Spring Practice Report: April 20

Eagles wrap up final practice session before Saturday’s spring game


CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. – In his team’s final spring practice before Saturday’s annual Jay McGillis Memorial Spring Football Game, head coach Steve Addazio was ready to get his troops off the field … so they can get back on it Saturday afternoon.

Through 14 spring practice spanning almost two months, Addazio is pleased with where his team is as the spring game approaches to put a cap on the season.

“We’re so much further ahead than we’ve been in the past right now, in terms of a complete game, run/throw. Just further ahead,” he noted to a gaggle of media after Thursday’s session.

One area Eagles fans are eager to glimpse on Saturday is the quarterback, where two players have primarily been seeing the reps with the first two teams: junior Darius Wade and redshirt freshman Anthony Brown.

“Both those (quarterbacks) are throwing the crap out of the ball,” Addazio said. “They’re accurate throwers and we have some guys who are catching the ball pretty well. We’re doing a lot of stuff right now. It’s encouraging.

“When your team is right, you should have good competition. So, to have the quarterbacks battling each other is a really good, healthy thing. In today’s world, if you can keep that going, you have a good thing. It means you have two good players. And that’s good,” Addazio said.

After Thursday’s practice, Addazio noted that he and his staff still had not finalized the teams for Saturday’s scrimmage. But he did guarantee fans will recognize the product on the field. “We’ll have a normal scrimmage with normal scoring. We won’t turn it into an O(ffense)-D(efense) advanced math, figure-it-out deal. It’ll be a regular game.

“How we go about it – whether we match 1-O and 2-D up and 1-D and 2-O up, I don’t know. It’s not that significant to me. I really want to come out here and let them play. No drills, just let them play.

Addazio cited the progress and installations made this spring as being a key reason for a “normal” football game on Saturday. “I’d like to see some continuity with what we’re doing right now, so I’ll probably lean a little bit that way.

“But we’re going to have a game out here and we’re going to rock and roll,” he said.

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