Sportface: Sammy Frozen out at NGSC Sports

NGSC Sports Suits Freeze Out Sportface

As all of you know, this sports blogging site used to allow Sammy Sportface to be on its various Spreaker Podcast shows such as The Student of the Game and Inside the Batter’s Box.

But the hosts of these shows have frozen Sportface off the shows for the past year.

“The guy has nothing to say of value,” said Ralph Garcia, host of critically acclaimed ‘Inside the Batter’s Box.’ “One time we had him on and our phone lines were blowing up telling us to get the idiot off the air. I can’t afford to put a guy on my show who turns off my podcasters. Sportface sucks on the air. Sportface doesn’t have a face for radio.”

Even though he is possibly America’s best blogger — and NGSCSports advertises this — he has also been shunned by Kyle Nash, the Big Cat of “The Student of the Game.”

“My show is about the NFL and Sportface has never demonstrated any real understanding of the league, so why would want to have him as a guest on my show?” he asked. “We had him one time and he read a poem he wrote about Odell Beckham aligned with ‘Ode to a Grecian Urn,” a poem written by John Keats a few hundred years ago. The poem is about a vase that Keats had a real yearning for. Sportface was unable to connect the dots for my listeners between a poem written so long ago and a hot-headed NFL wide receiver. It was at that point that I swore to myself I would never allow Sammy Sportface on my show again. Ever since I’ve been suffering from the repercussions of that travesty when I had him on my show. My audience almost completely abandoned me. Sammy’s poem almost wrote me out of the Spreaker business.”

Be sure to check out “Insider the Batter’s Box” and “The Student of the Game” every week. This week each will have Sammy Sportface on as a guest.

Among the topics Sportface will discuss are the collapse of his ebook writing endeavors, Duke basketball’s Trip Allan, and fake news.



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