NASCAR Races Out New Crew of Coronavirus Sponsors

America’s leading car-racing organization, NASCAR, has released six new full-time 2020 sponsors to align with the coronavirus pandemic, energize the bored sport’s fans, and reverse

Brady Outcheats Belichick On Final Putt of Inglorious Golf Match

So the inglorious golf grudge match pitting Bill Belichick against Tom Brady and Tiger Woods against Phil Mickelson marches on with malevolent interpersonal feelings. The

Gronk to Wear Number “420” for Tampa Bay To Celebrate Pot Smoker Day

A month after Sammy Sportface broke the story, the national news media revealed yesterday that Rob Gronkowski has rejoined the Tampa Bay Dragons.  Gronk will

NFL Unleashes Full Contact Tetherball for All League’s Half Time Shows

Tom Brady Bankrolls The League Leveraging “TB” Brand The NFL has announced it will sponsor full contact tetherball games during half-time of all the league’s games

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