Wake Quarterback Jock Sniffs Sportface

My fame is getting annoying. I just wanted to be left alone on the Wake Forest football field last Saturday during the team’s annual Spring game when next year’s starting quarterback, Mitch Griffis, entered my space. “You’re Sammy Sportface. You’re that sports blogger who writes about the Wake Forest football team off and on depending […]

Fat Sucka Falls for Grass-Cutting Con

Today while drawing Venn diagrams as part of my typical brainstorming before writing a Sammy Sportface blog, I was rudely interrupted – yet again – by the ferocious roar of four lawnmowers running pell-mell in my yard. The grass cutters were back. Every three days they come by unannounced and cause county-wide noise pollution and […]

Book Encourages Sleeping, Drooling

Reading a book and the big takeaway is this: Take more naps. Sleep more. Lie around. Be inactive. Don’t exert yourself physically except to roll around on your mattress. Snooze and snooze some more. Roll over. Drool. Rinse and repeat. The author claims frequent sleeping helps your brain relax so when you’re awake you become […]