Adult Truths Closing In On Caitlin Clark

You’re getting pushed around, Caitlin Clark. Those WNBA opponents are trying to rough you up and intimidate you, and it’s obvious. They want to prove all your college accolades and shoe contracts don’t make it automatic that you’re going to dominate them. They’re not rooting for you. They’re proud people, too. They want to keep […]

Overreacting to Early Stats of the WNBA

Overreacting to Early Stats of the WNBA In 1996, Clyde Drexler of the Houston Rockets averaged 25 points, 10 steals, 10 rebounds and nine assists a game. Uh…actually let me rephrase that: after opening night in the 1996 season, Clyde Drexler almost averaged a quadruple-double with those stats. As fans, it is fun to overreact […]