Recap: Indiana Fever vs. Minnesota Lynx

It was kid’s night at Bankers Life Fieldhouse and every child inside the building wanted to be heard.  Unfortunately, that just was not enough for the Indiana Fever to get the win over the Minnesota Lynx as they fell on the short end of an 87-65 loss. The Lynx came out hard and had no intentions of slowing down.  Did the Fever have a target on their backs since they beat the Lynx in their last meeting? Probably so. Should the Fever have stepped up their game offensively? Absolutely. 

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Starting on the Wrong Foot

In the first quarter alone, the Lynx had a 13 point lead over the Fever.  Two bench players for the Lynx scored seven points topping the six points scored by the Fever starting five.  The Fever were struggling to keep control of the Lynx offense most of the game which made it almost impossible to play catch-up. The first quarter was only for the most patient of Fever fans or the kids in the stands just there for the mascots…


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Pondexter the Leader

Cappie Pondexter made her debut with the Fever when they traveled to Minnesota.  In her debut, she scored 12 points and was perfect from the free throw line.  She made 33% of her field goals, and 30% on her debut night with the Fever. One thing we can say for Pondexter is that she is consistent.  When you bring in a veteran to a group as young as the Fever, consistency is key.

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Everyone has bad days

Leadership and consistency are things this team could use right now, especially since Victoria Vivians did not score a single point until the 4th quarter.  Even then, her only two points came from the free throw line. By the end of the game, she had three personal fouls, two rebounds, and one assist. Vivians was not the only one not playing up to her full potential tonight.  Tiffany Mitchell had zero points and three turnovers. Although she was one block in the books, it did not even come until the 3rd quarter when the team was down 48-33. No matter how the game ended today, the Fever always have a chance to bounce back and try again tomorrow.

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