Un-Great Take: JUnwilling Says Clark Isn’t Great

What is greatness? Who is great? Why are they great? What metrics determine what makes someone…

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Hometown Iowa Girl Caitlin Clark Breaks All-Time Scoring Record

A little girl. An orange round ball. A ring to put the ball in. A nylon…

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Super Bowl

Today’s Best Entertainment Won’t be the Super Bowl

Pardon my rattling of your love fest, Telsey Swifty, but you’re not going to be the…

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Caitlin Clark: Better Than All Male College Hoopers

The best basketball player in college basketball is a woman. Better than all the men. All…

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Beacon of Hope In Misguided World: Caitlin Clark

Here we are. An election year – that’s not appealing. Wars continue – awful beyond words.…

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Caitlin Clark

From the Heartland Into America’s Heart: Caitlin Clark

Forty-four years ago unsolicited letters started arriving at our house written by my sister’s friend who…

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