college football

Greed Continues to Ruin College Football in Many Ways

Shock waves ran through the college football world on Sunday after the College Football Committee excluded…

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Did Prejudice Cause the Panthers Another Losing Season?

Monday, July 9, 2018, may go down as one of the worst days for fans of…

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Does MLB Gives the BBWAA Too Much Power

One has to wonder why MLB gives so much control to the Baseball Writers Association of…

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If Brady Deserves the HOF, Doesn’t Bonds as Well?

When you begin to think about the best athletes of the 2000s, it’s not very hard…

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Buccaneers Deserve to Lose

The Tennessee Titans (3-5) travel to the Sunshine State this weekend to play the Tampa Bay…

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Professional Leagues Ruining Sports for the Fans

As the end of the 2023 season comes upon us, one has to wonder what the…

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Can Vrabel, Tannehill, and Henry all be Patriots in 2024?

It shouldn’t be a huge surprise to any Titan fans that head coach Mike Vrabel would…

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Vols Get Chomped by the Gators in the Swamp

Mistake after mistake after mistake pretty much sums up the reason why the Tennessee Volunteers lost…

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Vols Struggle in Ugly Win Over Austin Peay, 30-13

Disgraceful, depressing, dismal, and disheartening are only some of the words to describe how the #9…

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Frankly Speaking Sports: Predicting Records for the 2023 NFL Season

It’s that time of the year when we all believe that we are psychic and we…

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