Golf: The Next Generation of Woods

Golf: The Next Generation of Woods

Tiger Woods could be the greatest golfer ever to play the game of golf. He learned the game from his father Earl Woods. Woods is currently tied with another golf legend in Sam Snead with 82 career wins. Woods has dominated since he joined the tour at the age of 21. He had to fight race issues through his college days at Stanford. The best part is that it did not deter him from his goal of being a professional golfer. Woods is second all-time in major wins to the great Jack Nicklaus. He has 15 and Nicklaus has 18. The majors in the game of golf are four starting with the Masters, then followed by the PGA Championship, US Open, and Open Championship (British Open). Woods is on the verge of turning 45 on December 30th.


The last time he won a major was in the 2019 Masters. It is one that we will all remember because golf fans always want to see him win. It was not a dominant win like he had in 1997 when he finished at 20 under par. It was a great win and one of the best moments he had had. Once he came off the 18th green, he got to see both his children. They hugged him and he was very emotional. If everybody remembers when he won in 1997, the first person he hugged was his father followed by his mother. It brought tears to many people’s eyes including my own. If people want to know why he wears red on Sunday that was something his mother told him when he first started playing the game. Woods admitted that he felt just like he did when he won in 1997.


One of his children, his son Charlie, has taken up the game. This weekend both Tiger and Charlie played together in a father-son golf tournament. Charlie is currently 11 and Tiger started to be on shows at the age of 13. The golf tournament that they played in took place at the Ritz Carlton Resort in Orlando, Florida. They finished in sixth place when all was said and done. Charlie got off to a great start. His swing is remarkably like his father’s. Tiger is teaching the game that Earl taught him to Charlie. When Tiger was on the top of his game all he wanted to do was win. He now focuses on his family but still tries to stay competitive with the new wave of talent currently on the PGA Tour.


I think it awesome to see someone like Tiger teaching and passing the game of golf down to his son. It reminds me a lot of how I was taught how to play the game. At the age of five, my late uncle, who died five years ago on Christmas Day taught me. He told me this was a fun game at the age of five I agreed to play. Fast forward, 32 years later, and I still played the game. I am hoping to show the game to my two nephews and my niece. I can see that Charlie is a good player and I hope that he does not get compared to his father and gets to be his own Woods.

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