Worst NBA Contract Ever: Gordon Hayward to Hornets for $120 Million

Worst NBA Contract Ever: Gordon Hayward to Hornets for $120 Million

Michael Jordan is at it again, making NBA deals that are cementing his reputation for making some of the worst NBA decisions in the history of the league.

The greatest basketball player of all time is clearly not the greatest deal-maker pro basketball has ever seen. MJ His Airness made an airheaded move by signing Hayward to a four-year, $120 million contract to play for the Charlotte Hornets.

Wait a minute. Hayward has been injured the last two seasons and hasn’t played all that much. He didn’t even start for the Celtics this season.

Even if he had and played up to his potential, which is as a good player but not a great one, Hayward is still not worth this kind of money.

It’s a shockingly sweet deal for Hayward and is sure to set back the Hornets for the next five years at least.

Jordan’s decision is a reminder of his questionable decision-making. You may recall several years ago he made the decision to draft Kwame Brown out of high school as the first pick in the draft to play for the Washington Wizards.

Nothing ever came of that draft pick other than Brown not playing very well at all, getting traded, and never coming close to living up to the standards that come with being the number one NBA pick.

Seriously, what was MJ thinking then and what is he thinking now by paying Hayward so much money over multiple years when everybody knows this is not a player who can carry a team to an NBA title – not even close.

I have nothing against Hayward per se other than in the national title game against Duke he should have made that half-court shot to win the game because then Duke would have lost and that’s always a reason to celebrate.

But he missed the 65-footer and that’s on him for life. Had he made that shot, he would have made himself the most famous March Madness player for having made the most dramatic buzzer-beater and I would give MJ a pass for throwing all this big cash at this guy.

But he missed the shot.

And MJ shot an airball by signing this guy to a huge contract.

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