USWNT: An Eye Opening Moment

USWNT: An Eye Opening Moment

In general, women’s sports are looked down upon. Many sports fans don’t like to watch women’s sports, but not all of them feel that men are superior. Others feel that it is plain boring. The exception for most in the United States is the USWNT, even people that don’t like soccer or football as it called on the other side of the pond. This is a team that has won back to back World Cups and will most likely be favored in next year’s summer games for the Olympics. I will admit to myself that I am not a soccer fan except when it comes to the World Cup and Olympics. I enjoy watching women’s soccer over men’s soccer. The biggest reason is that they win and win often. Earlier this week, two of those great players did something. The jerseys of Christen Press and Tobin Heath outsold the Manchester United men’s jerseys.


Over in England, there is a Women’s Super League. There are many women’s soccer players that are making the move over to them to prepare for the Tokyo games. Press and Heath signed with Manchester United of the women’s league. The Super League just resumed play over the weekend because of COVID as we all know. As we also know when sports memorabilia jerseys are the main point in it. For a team, many will say that jersey sales are key to their popularity. When these women’s jerseys outsold the men’s, they were surprised. Heath chose number 77 instead of her normal number when she is playing for USWNT which is 17. Press chose number 24 in honor of the great Kobe Bryant. She normally wears number 23, but that number was already taken. Both came off the bench to help in a 3-0 win over Brighton.


Along with Press and Heath, other USWNT stars have also signed with Super League teams. Those stars are Samantha Mewis and Rose Lavelle who play on the same team as Heath and Press. Alex Morgan signed with Tottenham and all have opted out of the NWSL series to prepare for the Olympics. We all know that these Olympics have been rescheduled because of the coronavirus. It will be a spectacle this year as we will have both the summer and winter Olympics in the same calendar year. Therefore, women’s sports will continue changing the sports world. I am not saying that jerseys sales should open your eyes to women’s sports. I think that they should be given the same respect as men get in sports. In my eyes, they are athletes no matter what their sex is. Not everyone shares my opinion.


I am not asking anyone to agree with my opinion. I feel that everyone is entitled to their own. It is great to read stories about these types of events that happen. This shows that women’s soccer is great overseas and it should also be here in the States. I am looking forward to the Olympics this summer if is not sidetracked by COVID-19. I would love to see the USWNT win a gold medal to add to their success for the World Cup. The jerseys sale lasted for three days but its great no matter how long it happened. We all need to start paying attention to all women’s sports.

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