The Complaint for the Commander-In-Chief Trophy

The Complaint for the Commander-In-Chief Trophy

There are many sports fans out there that don’t want to mix politics and sports. I agree with them that many of our major sporting channels seemed to have mix the two. Well, today I am going to do it for the sake of college football. Oh, by the way, this has nothing to do with President Donald Trump or Joe Biden. There are many different trophies handed out throughout college football. One of those is the Commander-In-Chief Trophy. This trophy has the three of four branches of the military battling for it. Those would be Army, Navy, and Air Force. The only branch that does not would be the Marines. The complaint is coming from Navy Midshipmen head coach Ken Niumatololo. The reason was that the Air Force only has to play two games and can win the trophy. While Navy will play 11 games and Army will play 12 games.

The Air Force Falcons play in the Mountain West Conference which is one of the many conferences that canceled the football season due to the coronavirus. This is the number one thing that these branches fight for every year. Navy won the trophy last year and previous to that, Army won it back to back, and Air Force won it in 2016. Niumatololo takes shots at the Pentagon to make decisions. I agree with Niumatololo when he asks why should Navy and Army play a full schedule and Air Force play two games and win. All they have to do is win against Army and Navy to take the trophy. The people that make these decisions have never played football. He is right it would be so wrong if Air Force were to defeat both Army and Navy and win the trophy. It would be theft if that happens and remember that they are more than football players.

The games for Air Force Falcons are October 3rd against the Navy Midshipmen and November 7th against Army. As I said before, this is one of 12 for the Army and one of 11 for the Navy. I am not saying that the Air Force does not deserve to win the trophy. They should be able to schedule some more games than play just two. These players are going on to be soldiers to defend our freedom. I am a huge college football fan and one game that I never miss is the Army-Navy game. This game means more than just football. If Air Force wins both games I will not be upset, but it will be hard for the other two involved. Football is a tough physical game. With just two games, you have time to rest while your opponents play a full schedule.

While playing a full schedule, injuries can occur. So Navy and Army have their backs against the walls. If the Air Force was not allowed to play for the Commander-In-Chief trophy because of their shortened schedule, they would be upset. I can see where Navy and Army would also be upset. This did not have my attention, but as a sports writer and podcaster, I will be paying attention now. The game with Navy and Air Force on October 3rd is just a few weeks away. Let us see how that game comes out. If the Falcons beat the Midshipmen, then it will be up to Army to beat Air Force. I hope that this trophy does not get disgraced because it means more than just the game of football.

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