Wake Forest Pounds Clemson in Season Opener

Wake Forest Pounds Clemson in Season Opener

It was not even fair, really. Wake Forest pushed and kicked around Clemson all last night en route to a 47-0 victory that wasn’t even that close.

“It was an easier victory than I expected,” said Wake Forest coach Dave Clausen. “I mean, Clemson is Clemson. But they didn’t have the firepower they usually have. They’ve obviously had some lean recruiting years lately  and it really showed. They just don’t have enough talent.”

Wake Forest Quarterback Sam Hartman, set to be the number one pick in next Spring’s NFL draft, showed why he’s receiving such high praise. He fired the deep sideline ball on target every time – the pass that NFL scouts say is crucial to make it at the next level.

And he showed he’s quite an athlete, using his legs to run when the defense gave him the opportunity.

“Clemson defenders just weren’t quick enough to run me down,” said Hartman, a high school phenom at Davidson Day High School. “It was really just a case of raw athleticism. We had it and Clemson didn’t.”

Clemson coach Dabo Sweeney agreed.

“It was a typical Wake Forest powerhouse team just overwhelming Clemson yet again,” he said. “I remember a few years ago they beat us something like 89 to nothing. That one really stung. The Clemson Tiger had to do 89 push-ups that day.”

To be continued… 

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