Uninvited to Booze Crooze 3, Sportface To Boycott Golf Goon Gathering

Uninvited to Booze Crooze 3, Sportface To Boycott Golf Goon Gathering

After making Bethany Beach Booze Croozes One and Tooz well-known throughout Delmarva, the thanks Sammy Sportface got was not being invited to Booze Crooze Three.

“Can’t believe no one invited me,” said Sportface. “I’ve got national media outlets writing about these croozes and yet they don’t invite me because I’m from the DC area and this was some event where Baltimore people didn’t want my kind. Who do these Baltimorons think they are?”

Sportface is so incensed that he hereby announces he will not attend the annual Bethany Beach Golf Goon Gathering the weekend of October 2-4.

“Not only will I not go, I won’t post any blogs about the event,” he said. “There will be exactly no buzz about Golf Goon Weekend and it will be a frickathon.”

Wolfford, the chairman of Golf Good Weekend, was reached this weekend on his boat enjoying Booze Crooze Four, another event he did not invite Sportface to.

“We don’t need Sportface,” said Wolfford, who can’t get in and out of a boat anymore because his abdominal stretch marks are so long. “We used Sportface to spark up interest in Booze Crooze One and Two, but once we reached critical mass we dumped him in the Bethany Beach Bay sewage.”

To be continued…

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