NGSC Sports Cuts Sportface From 53-Man Sports Blogging Roster

NGSC Sports Cuts Sportface From 53-Man Sports Blogging Roster

After a tumultuous five-year relationship, NGSC Sports finally cut ties with its misunderstood sports blogger, Sammy Sportface. 

The sports blogging site read by virtually no one in the world had to get its roster down to 53 bloggers, which is the limit required by the NFL and the National Sports Blogging Society (NSBS).

“We had to cut ties with Sportface and, frankly, he’s had it coming to him for a long time,” said Ralph Jerry Garcia, the president of NGSC Sports. “For awhile we could tolerate his antics, but his whole act has become tired and too much of a distraction for our editorial charter. Sportface wanted to go his own way and could not follow directions. Most alarming of all is the quality of his content has been falling off a cliff in recent months and I didn’t see any upside to putting up with him anymore.”

Sportface did not take the severing of ties well.

“I worked my butt off for Ralph and NGSC Sports, and this is the thanks I get,” he said. “I made his site relevant. Viewership was skyrocketing for Sportface blogs. This is personal, not business.”

Over the past five years, Sportface submitted several thousand blogs to the site including this year an eight-part soap opera about Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, Tom Brady, and Ricky Williams smoking weed together. That’s won critical acclaim throughout the sports blogging community.

The NSBS nominated the series of blogs for an award in the category called “Exceptional Escapist Sports Blogging During the Pandemic.”

“This is awkward that Sportface got fired because we plan to honor him with an award this Fall at our annual conference,” said Stevie Sportface, Sammy’s brother who is president of the NSBS. “We’ll lose our credibility among our constituents if we give him an award in the same year he has been let go by a non-entity sports site, NGSC Sports.”

“This is BS by the NSBS,” said Sportface. “My brother Stevie is playing politics. He’s putting his professional reputation ahead of his brother and his sports blogging career. I’ve had it with NSBS and NGSC. I’m going to start a new sports blogging franchise called NSSS (National Sammy Sportface Syndication). It’s time to go out on my own.”

Brooks Koepka, a loyal supporter of Sportface, said this is BS by the NSBS and NGSC Sports.

“Sportface told the story of me tossing DeBozworth overboard on my yacht during my party celebrating the end of my golf career,” he said. “How could he not be deserving of a sports blogging award?”

To be continued…

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