Title IX: Is it time for adjustments to the law

Title IX: Is it time for adjustments to the law

When it comes to Title IX in sports, the issue has come up. Title IX is a federal civil rights law that was passed in 1972. It was part of Education Amendments that protect people from discrimination based on sex in education programs and activities. As a sportswriter, his issue has to do with women in sports. About a month or two I caught an article by Katie Barnes. Ms. Barnes writes for ESPNW.com. The article is mainly about who gets to be a woman in sports. It touches on transgender women participating in women sports. It took place in high school in Connecticut. This is a topic that makes us in sports think. I am a huge fan of women’s roller derby here in my home state of Florida. One of the girls was transgender at one time she was a male.


When it comes to Title IX, it is trying to make sure that women don’t get discriminated against out of sports because of their sex. Does that also apply to transgender women? In the state of Connecticut, Washington D.C. and 18 other states, they allow transgender athletes to compete in which gender they identify rather than the one that was assigned at birth. The policy also allows athletes that are without medical or intervention in the form of hormone replacement therapy, surgery, and birth certificate amendments. For some, it violates Title IX because it takes away from the female and the fact of the physical differences between the sexes. If a male becomes a female, then there is an advantage. As we all know, males are stronger physically than females.

In this case, you had them competing in track and field. In the article, she mentions Selina Soule, Alanna Smith, and Chelsea Mitchell and their mothers. They stood on the steps to voice their opinion on why there against Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller competing against their daughters. Yearwood and Miller are transgender athletes. The mothers of Soule, Smith, and Mitchell feel that their daughters are at a disadvantage. Like I said earlier, males are stronger physically and if they are allowed to compete with females they would win. Let me make this clear, I am not saying that females aren’t athletes or are strong physically. Women can play sports and should be able to play sports. This is why Title IX is in place. But I also believe and respect the LBGTQ community.


I am wondering how this will impact the sports world moving forward. Will Title IX have to be changed or adjusted being that most states do not allow transgender athletes to participate in high school sports unless they are the same sex? So again, what that means is that a male that is now a female cannot compete in female sports. Maybe in the future that will change. No matter what happens I do not see how it will hurt sports. I also hope it does not hurt the chances for transgender athletes to participate in sports. This starts at the high school level and no one should be left out of playing sports or being denied anything in life no matter what they classified themselves as.


What is your opinion on transgender athletes playing in high school sports if so does that violate Title IX? Leave a comment below.

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  1. So a probably cis-het white dude named “Bradley” wants to tell women who and where they can play sports? lolololol go back to shoveling gravel and leave us all the hell alone

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