Breaking News: Buffalo Sabres Eliminate Botterill as GM

Breaking News: Buffalo Sabres Eliminate Botterill as GM

In breaking news, the Buffalo Sabres’ Terry and Kim Pegula have decided to pull the trigger and eliminate Jason Botterill from the front office and relieve him from his duties as general manager. The team has had a few strong streaks but still have not been able to break the ice and get into a playoff position to contend for the Stanley Cup hardware. 

In a statement Tuesday morning, the Pegulas said “This morning, we informed Jason Botterill he will no longer be the general manager of the Sabres. This decision was made after many candid discussions with Jason during a full review of our hockey operation. We recognized we have philosophical differences regarding how best to put ourselves in a position to compete for a Stanley Cup. So, we decided to make this change.”

This GM firing ends in rare fashion as the Sabres have already named Senior Vice President Of Business Administration Kevyn Adams as the successor to Botterill. The organization appears optimistic about the new hire.

The Pegulas continued “We have had the pleasure of watching Kevyn build his post-playing career over the past nine years under multiple roles throughout our organizations. We are confident Kevyn and Ralph Kreuger will work together to build a consistent contender. As always, we are here to provide the necessary resources.”

This could not have come at a better time as the NHL season is at a standstill due to Covid-19.

The owners elaborated by stating “We have the benefit of this long 2020 pause to take time to reorganize and re-energize our hockey department. We recognize the importance of this offseason with so many player decisions to be made.”

We have heard Buffalo say they believe they have found what it takes to be a contender numerous times. Is this the last building block? We will have to wait and see.

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