Denver Broncos: Running Back Phillip Lindsay’s Journey

Denver Broncos: Running Back Phillip Lindsay’s Journey

Diminutive running back Phillip Lindsay isn’t a stranger to being overlooked and underestimated. Just 25-years-old, turning 26 at the end of July, the 5-foot-8 and 190-pound product from the University of Colorado has been an extraordinary asset to the Denver Broncos’ roster. This is coming from a Colorado State University graduate, y’all. However, I can tell you that I have nothing but big-time props for Mr. Lindsay. Phillip happens to own two records at CU. He’s the program’s all-time leader with both 5,760 all-purpose yards and 4,683 yards from scrimmage. Wow. On the football field, Lindsay is insanely powerful for his stature and weight. He exhibits exemplary vision, burner speed, ridiculous lateral quickness, the ability to break multiple tackles in space, and smart one-cut and head north instincts. Pardon me. I failed to mention that he’s a high character guy you want to be around.

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Lindsay is the definition of a Colorado native. Born in Denver, CO, Phillip grew up in the suburban city of Aurora, CO, before attending South High School in the Mile High City. How about another record for you? Lindsay is South’s all-time leading rusher with 4,587 yards on the ground. Amazingly enough, Mr. Lindsay threw aside his father Troy’s Denver Public School District mark of 4,400 yards set back in 1979. After Phillip bested his father’s rushing record at the very beginning of his senior year, he suffered a devastating left anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear that ended his high school career. Ouch, babe.

The injury certainly didn’t cause Lindsay a long-term setback. Instead, it fueled his drive to become even better collegiately at CU. Following his playing days in Boulder, CO, Mr. Lindsay’s dream didn’t change. It was all about making it in the Big Boy’s League (NFL).

Being undervalued by NFL Draft Scouts throughout the country, Phillip was disappointingly left undrafted in 2018. Knowing what he was capable of in his home state, the Broncos took a chance on Lindsay by signing him as an undrafted free agent in 2018. What did Phillip do with this opportunity? He became the very first undrafted offensive rookie to earn a trip to the Pro Bowl. As I like to say on a relatively frequent basis… Goodness, gracious! There are a few other things that have me and most of Broncos Country loving this dude. He’s been a fiery competitor from the outset, and he’s not afraid to ask for what he wants.

Here’s a YouTube video with a look at Lindsay’s electrifying highlights from 2019.

Lindsay is my father-in-law’s favorite active Broncos’ player, and I definitely don’t knock him for it. He’s a fantastic choice. For me, I have another player in mind, but my all-time Bronco fave is the one and only Terrell Davis. To my point, Phillip wasn’t afraid to ask Hall of Famer TD if he could wear his number. Officially retired from the franchise, TD’s No. 30 now belongs to Lindsay. Kudos to you, Terrell. For Phillip, to have that kind of respect coming from TD is a confidence game-changer.

Let’s not leave Lindsay’s accolades there. He’s now the first-ever undrafted RB to register back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons. Remarkable. Getting closer to starting his third season as a pro in Orange and Blue, Mr. Lindsay has accumulated 2,048 rushing yards with a 4.9 yard per tote of the pigskin average. Additionally, as a solid pass-catching RB, Phillip has 70 total receptions for 437 yards. As far as trips to the heezy go, Lindsay boasts 17 total touchdowns in his young career. One last thing. Lindsay is a better-than-average blocker in the backfield for his size. Of course, he makes mistakes and misses assignments on occasion. He’s a human being just like you and I. It’s in our DNA.

With the start of the 2020-21 NFL season on the horizon, the COVID-19 pandemic will tell the tale of its start date. I’m praying with my fingers crossed. For Mr. Lindsay, even with the numbers he has racked up in two seasons for Denver, this young man continues to be overlooked. Not to mention being underpaid, my friends.

The Broncos have approximately $17 million worth of salary-cap space still available. Let’s hope Phillip Lindsay gets rewarded with some of that cash. Lindsay’s set to make $750,000 in the upcoming season, and newly acquired RB Melvin Gordon formerly of Denver’s AFC West rival Los Angeles Chargers, will be taking home $7 million this season as part of his two-year, $16 million deal.

I truly don’t mind the addition of Gordon and think he’ll provide extra production immediately. Heck, next week, I’ll talk about what this duo of RBs can bring to Denver’s offense as a whole. That being said, here’s my advice to the Broncos’ organization in regards to Mr. Lindsay. Please, pay the man what he deserves. Until next week, be smart, stay safe, and stay healthy.

Extra Points:

  • Lindsay spent his rookie season in his parents’ basement in order to save money
  • He became a dad himself during the offseason… Congrats, Phillip!


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  1. Randy I really enjoyed this article about Phillip Lindsey. Learned a lot about him as a person and a determined player. This was a very enjoyable article to read and the video of some of his plays was great to watch. Hope others will join in on providing support and feedback.

  2. Randy I really enjoyed this article about a local Colorado player who has overcome all kinds of odds to become potentially as great as Terrell Davis the person who allowed him to wear his number (30).
    Also enjoyed the video of his great plays.

  3. Randy you did a great job of telling us readers how great Phillip Lindsey is as a person and player. I enjoyed hearing how he has beat so many odds and could be on tract to be as great as TD the man who allowed him to share his jersey number.

  4. Wow, learned a lot about this great and upcoming running back for the Denver Broncos. Sounds like a determined player who does what is best for his team and others. He sure has proven many wrong and is on tap to be even better than the man who he shares his number with (mainly Terrell Davis). Also enjoyed the video of his great plays. Great article.

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