Four Reasons to Attend a Gaming Convention

Four Reasons to Attend a Gaming Convention

Over the decades, advances in video games have been incredible. From its humble beginnings, it’s now possible to play with fellow gamers from all over the world at any time. Storylines have become more intricate and compelling, and the graphics have been improved enormously, and are continuing to develop. It’s no wonder that the industry has taken off in the way that it has, and why video games have become the favorite pastime of billions. There are even numerous gaming conventions taking place around the world, and if you haven’t been to one yet, here are four reasons why you should check them out. 


1. Networking


If you work in the industry or are interested in a career in gaming, these events are a good opportunity to network. You can meet other industry professionals and ask for their advice on how to start your gaming career. If you’re lucky you might be given a business card or two. Additionally, you might meet other individuals who are looking to do the same thing as you and could team up to work on a project together. 


2. Opportunity to Learn


Attending events and listening to industry professionals speak about their craft is a perfect opportunity to learn something. Again, this is great for those who are seeking to forge a career in gaming, but it’s also interesting for those who only enjoy video games as a hobby. Either way, learning about these things allows you to develop new skills. Look at the ticket sale page for the event to find out who is speaking and what topics are being covered. 


3. Discover New Games


Another great reason to attend a gaming convention is that they’re perfect for discovering new games. You might already be aware of certain games that have imminent release dates, and it’s highly likely there will be Q&A sessions on these at some point during the convention. However, developers also like to use these conventions as opportunities to announce new releases for the first time and tend to cause a lot of excitement. It’s also worth noting the presence of smaller, independent developers at these conventions, too. They don’t get as much coverage as the big companies, but a lot of them produce unique, high-quality games. It’s a great way to discover something new and find developers you’ve never even heard of. They could become your new favorites. 


4. Make New Friends/Have Fun


Finally, these conventions are good to meet new people and have fun. There are conventions taking place all over the world and sometimes people travel from different countries just to attend. It’s the perfect place to meet people who are as passionate about gaming as you are and to sit back and discover new games and have a great time. 

If you haven’t been to a gaming convention yet, it’s worth trying one out this year. For all of the reasons listed above and more, you’ll have a fun experience.

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