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How players

Whether you’re into online sports betting or casinos, the lockdown caused by the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has probably affected the way you gamble. And you’re not alone. Pretty much every hobby and interest that requires going outside or interacting with people felt the impact, and that’s the majority of them.

Thankfully, online betting is still a great option. The age of the internet allows us to make use of gambling services without ever needing to leave our house and risk infection. And it’s a great way of taking your mind off everything that’s happening right now. So, let’s take a look at some options gambling enthusiasts still have during this period of self-isolation.

Virtual Sports

Sports bettors have had a pretty rough time during these past few weeks. The majority of sporting events across the globe have been suspended, postponed, or straight-up canceled in the wake of COVID-19. There are still a few options out there, but the list of ongoing competitions is getting smaller by the day.

Besides some niche wagering categories, such as politics and betting on TV shows, there are also virtual sports. Essentially, these are computer-generated simulations. They take into account statistics and other data based on real-life sports events and use them to generate a simulated experience of the real thing. Most of the time, this is done for betting purposes.

Virtual sports have been around for quite a while and were created to deal with increasing demands for online betting offers. The demand for sports betting outgrew the actual number of sporting events, and this was a solution. It’s not a “true” replacement and misses a lot of the charm fans find in sports, but it can serve to alleviate some of the stress people are dealing with. 

Virtual sports come in many forms and cover all the popular categories such as football, basketball, tennis, and many more.

Online Slots

Casino games have seriously evolved once they started having digital iterations. It’s no longer all about just sitting there and pulling a lever or pushing a button, hoping to turn a profit. Nowadays, casino games are all about engaging with their audience and drawing you in with more than just the promise of quick cash.

Traditionalists may not be that interested, but make no mistake: slots are still slots, no matter how you dress them up. However, this way they can be much more effective at filling out the long hours spent in isolation. A good online casino game gives you a good reason to keep coming back to it over the thousands of others that are on the market right now.

Additionally, the biggest draw these have compared to brick-and-mortar casinos are the promotions and bonuses that come with them. 

The internet is a much bigger place than even the most competitive gambling markets out there, and service providers have to fight hard to get their share of the pie. As such, online slots with free bonuses are commonplace. Sometimes these come in the form of free spins, or profit boosts, or a million other kinds of promotions online casinos have thought up. 

Online gambling is growing by the day, and a smart player will take advantage of these new opportunities.

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