Brady, a “Shrek” Lover, Wants to Play for XFL’s Seattle Dragons

Brady and Dragons

Blowing off the entire NFL including the New England Patriots, star quarterback Tom Brady has sent word to the XFL’s Seattle Dragons that he wants to play for them next season.

This has nothing to do with the fact that Seattle is close to the San Francisco area, where he grew up. Brady wants to be with the Dragons because he liked that insanely huge purple slithery character with beguiling eyes who was in love with the donkey played by Eddie Murphy in the movie “Shrek.”

“I loved that dragon and was moved by his/her love affair with the Eddie Murphy the mouthy donkey,” said Brady. “The movie reminded me of how important love and faithfulness are and how the New England Patriots are not showing me any of that right now.” My heart is with the Seattle Dragons.”

The general manager of the Dragons, Denny Dragon, heard this news while reading Sammy Sportface – The Baby Boomer Brotherhood Blog.

“There I was sipping my Sunday morning coffee ready Sammy Sportface as I do every day when I learned that Brady wants to play for us because he liked the dragon in “Shrek,” and I thought to myself how emotionally touching that all is. We’ll make the dragon our new mascot starting next weekend.”

Then he said: “Hey, did you guys see that Sammy Sportface scooped everybody by naming all 64 entrants in the March Madness tournament? One is Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Spectacular. That guy is the Tom Brady of sports bloggers.”

From a South Florida men’s locker room, Patriots owners Robert Kraft seemed relaxed by the news.

“I guess if Tommy really likes dragons, then he should go play for the Dragons,” he said. “But I prefer getting rubdowns.” 

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