2019 Peach Bowl

2019 Peach Bowl Recap: #1 LSU Dominates #4 Oklahoma

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ATLANTA- Every football fan has their preference of what kind of playoff game they want to see. Some prefer that old school, defensive game while others enjoy seeing plenty of touchdowns. The game started out a bit different than what fans likely expected. The expectation of a back and forth game came to a halt right away. The game took a different turn from the beginning. This would be the 2019 Peach Bowl.

LSU’s defense sacked Jalen Hurts on the first drive. Safety Grant Delpit came up with a huge stop on third down to force Oklahoma to a three and out. Then, Joe Burrow threw a quick slant to Justin Jefferson for LSU’s first touchdown of the game.

LSU 7 Oklahoma 0

The game continued to start in LSU’s favor. After stopping Oklahoma on their first possession and getting the first score, the LSU defense continued to pressure Hurts. He couldn’t complete any passes and even threw the ball away on third down. Oklahoma was determined to keep the score to one possession as they immediately stopped LSU’s offense from doing anything on their second possession.

On Oklahoma’s third possession, Hurts decided to use hurry up offense which worked in their favor. Cee Dee Lamb caught a long pass at the two-yard line. It was followed up by a Kennedy Brooks two-yard rushing touchdown.

LSU 7 Oklahoma 7

LSU immediately struck back as Jefferson hauled in three receptions and Terrance Marshall Jr. finished the drive with a touchdown reception. Marshall was briefly taken out of the game just before the touchdown after he appeared to suffer a concussion. He passed the concussion protocol and remained in the game.

LSU 14 Oklahoma 7

The Tigers continued to pressure Hurts and made it difficult to throw any passes. However, there was a controversial no-call as there was an obvious missed pass interference on third down. Oklahoma Head Coach Lincoln Riley yelled at a referee for the obvious error.

The referees would continue to be as tested as the teams as Marshall was forced out of bounds before going back in bounds to catch the ball which is a legal play by NCAA rules. Oklahoma challenged the ruling. The referees upheld the call. LSU running back Chris Curry rushed for a 19-yard gain after that. Jefferson finished the drive with a receiving touchdown as the Tigers took control of the game early.

LSU 21 Oklahoma 7

Jalen Hurts ran for a first down and really should have been awarded more yards as the referees missed an obvious late hit out of bounds.

End of first quarter LSU 21 Oklahoma 7

LSU stopped Oklahoma’s offense again to start the second quarter. The Tigers clearly continued to control the game as the Sooners looked completely outmatched. It almost looked like the game was over well before halftime.

Burrow ran for a first down after he escaped pressure. There was also a targeting foul on the drive committed by Brenden Radley-Hiles which resulted in a 15-yard penalty, automatic first down, and ejection. Injuries, suspensions and an ejection continued to wreak havoc and test Oklahoma’s determination. This was followed up by another touchdown by Jefferson.

LSU 28 Oklahoma 7

Things only got worse for the Sooners. LSU intercepted a pass on Oklahoma’s next possession. The Tigers looked to end the game before halftime. After an illegal hands to the face penalty, Burrow threw a strike to Jamar Chase for the first down. This was followed by a touchdown reception from guess who…. Jefferson again. This game was flat out over at that point. It looked like a bad joke. There was no way anyone predicted such a lopsided first half.

LSU 35 Oklahoma 7

Oklahoma finally struck back after what felt like an eternity. Jalen Hurts ran for a touchdown with 4 minutes and 45 seconds left in the second quarter. Was the rushing touchdown a prelude to a miracle?

LSU 35 Oklahoma 14

You know how people came up with the word “Mossed”? You probably won’t find it in the dictionary but when Randy Moss jumped over defenders to catch passes or just plain blurred past defenders, Mossed was the word. Greatness sometimes follows the next generation. Thaddeus Moss proved that as he beat the entire Oklahoma secondary for a touchdown.

LSU 42 Oklahoma 14.

LSU continued to pull away. Marshall hauled in another touchdown with 59 seconds remaining in the second quarter. Burrow already passed for over 400 yards and seven touchdowns.

LSU 49 Oklahoma 14

Oklahoma had a minute to answer back but the Sooners weren’t able to score.

Halftime LSU 49 Oklahoma 14.

LSU continued to pull away. Joe Burrow rushed for a touchdown on the Tiger’s first possession of the second half. All hope that the Sooners would come back was lost at that point.

LSU 56 Oklahoma 14

Hurts rushed for a 12-yard touchdown. There wasn’t much hope of a comeback win but at least Hurts scored his tenth rushing touchdown of the season.

LSU 56 Oklahoma 21

End of Third Quarter: LSU 56 Oklahoma 21

Despite the lopsided points margin, Oklahoma didn’t give up. The Sooners recovered a fumble at the one-yard line. T.J. Pledger scored a rushing touchdown to try to close the gap.

LSU 56 Oklahoma 28

LSU chewed the clock as the game was clearly over. However, John Emery Jr. scored a six-yard rushing touchdown to widen the gap.

LSU 63 Oklahoma 28

Final Score: LSU 63 Oklahoma 28

Game Stats


Joe Burrow- 29/39, 493 passing yards, seven passing touchdowns

Chris Curry- 16 carries, 89 rushing yards

Justin Jefferson 14 receptions, 227 receiving yards, four receiving touchdowns


Jalen Hurts- 15/31, 217 passing yards, 14 rushes, 43 rushing yards, two rushing touchdowns, one interception

Cee Dee Lamb- Four receptions, 119 receiving yards

Kennedy Brooks- 10 rushes, 35 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown

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