Elton Brand has been named the new GM of the Sixers, so what now?

Here are three things that Brand can do as a GM

With Elton Brand being named the Sixers GM last week, what does this mean for the team?

Elton Brand was a veteran player who was brought on board to assist the younger guys a few years ago. It has been two years since Brand was playing, and now he has been named the teams newest GM. Brand has been in the front office for only a short time, however, he is a great basketball mind, and with some help, he can help lead this team to some great moves. According to multiple sources, Brand will have the final say on all moves, however, input will be made by a committee including head coach and former interim GM, Brett Brown.

Here are three things that Brand can do as a GM:

1. Trade for Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler has made it known that he is unhappy where he currently is, and a slew of teams have emerged as possible landing spots for him. Butler has officially gotten the attention of seven teams, one of which is the Sixers. Brand needs to go out and get him. He needs to prove that he is capable of making trades. The addition of Jimmy Butler would really bolster the lineup and give them another piece to take down the Celtics.

2. Sign a veteran free agent

A few free agents are still available for the team to pick up. Brand should pick one up to make this team a little deeper. There were talks about Jamal Crawford coming to Philadelphia but have since died down. Brand can be assertive and at least try to make an offer for someone else. There are players like Corey Brewer, Arron Afflalo, and Crawford who could contribute to the team.

3. Make a better plan for next year’s free agency

This past year’s free agency plan did not work out. The Sixers did not get anyone in free agency that was worth it. If they plan ahead for the recruiting of top 2019 free agents like Butler, Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, and Kevin Durant, they might have more success. It also did not help that they tried to get LeBron James with their head coach playing the role of GM.

The Sixers new GM needs to be effective, whether it comes in the form of a signing, trade or overall game plan to take this team to where it needs to be. The Sixers are going to be a contender, and the front office has to put them in a great position to win a championship. Even though Brand is new, he will have a lot of pressure on him from the beginning. Seeing how he and Brown respond will be crucial to the team’s production.

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