NFL Football: Where’s Dez in 2018?

Where will Dez Bryant’s next landing spot be? That seems to be the question alot of people are asking but no one can answer. You would think an All-Prop caliber player like Bryant would have already gotten picked up by some team regardless of his attitude.

The Cowboys released Bryant back in April and it wasn’t much of a shocker to the NFL world. The Cowboys weren’t satisfied enough with his playing. Bryant hasn’t exceeded the 1,000-yard mark since 2014. Not to mention, he was tied for third in dropped pass a year ago and his contract of $17 million last year.

With all that said, who are the teams that may sign Dez Bryant in 2018? Well, quite frankly, any franchise that will suffer an injury with a starting receiver and they need to fill that void. However, I will give you three teams that I think Bryant would best fit.

1: The first team may come as a shock to several, but it could the Tennessee Titans

We can all say there really isn’t a true number one receiver for this offense. You could say Rishard Matthews is their number one guy but he is currently trying to battle his way back through injury. Corey Davis hasn’t panned out to be the draft pick he’s supposed to be. Granted, he has been injured and this is supposed to be his breakout year.

Unless you’re a Titans fan, you most likely can’t think of any other receiver on their team. Insert Bryant into the mix and you have a competitive, physical receiver that could help open up Davis in the slot. Easier said than done, but he would be a great fit for Mariota and this Tennessee offense.

2: The New England Patriots.

Now I know Bill Belichick won’t deal with Bryant but let’s just say Bryant has changed his ways. Bryant and Tom Brady would be an absolute nightmare for defenses. Not only would they double cover Bryant, that would leave the field open for everyone else. If the Pats could sign Bryant to a one-year deal, especially knowing Brady will be leaving in a few years, whoa. I mean, this team is already frightening to deal with.

We can’t forget the Pats were all in with Randy Moss. He had huge numbers that year. Who’s to say that couldn’t be Bryant?

3: The New Orlean Saints.

Yes, this team is primarily a running offense but with Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram how could you not be? They have the most underrated receiver in the NFL in Michael Thomas. Why not keep him underrated and bring in Bryant? Bryant could possibly become a double coverage receiver and leave room available for Thomas or even vice versa. The Saints could use another option on offense and Bryant could fit the part.

There ya have it. My top 3 teams, in no particular order that would fit best for Dez Bryant. Can I guarantee one of these teams will sign him? No. I can’t almost promise you that Bryant will be signed by a team by the end of the season and it will be because of an injury.

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