Skipping Mandatory Camps: More Money, more money

Skipping Mandatory Camps

We hear it every year about this time. Players that are supposed to be getting ready for the new NFL year will not attend minicamps. Now, I don’t want to hate, but it’s always about new money. Even players that still have some years on their current contracts want to renegotiate.

I get it that the game of football is one that does not promise a long career, but how much is enough? I have always said that a player that signed a four or five-year deal knew what he was signing for at the time, so why is it all of a sudden not enough? Some will say because other players at their position are signing new deals that are better and they feel they should be compensated as well.

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I go back to what I said about the deal you committed to but add one more thing. You already knew that there would be a time when others would be signing for more money so why not take a shorter term deal? Why not get what you can in the short term and leave room for a new deal? One guess is because they want a team to show their commitment to the player. Okay, if that is so, they why renegotiate while you are still in the middle of a deal?

There are those deals that do make sense though. Take Oakland Raiders defensive All-Pro Khalil Mack. He has played and started all 64 games since his rookie year, and was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2016. He is flat out one of the best of the best the league has. Now, he is seeking a new deal worth around $65 million in guaranteed money and he has earned it.

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What’s wrong with the money you already got?

Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons is next up and he is holding out too. He falls under the category of why did you sign your deal then. In 2015, he inked his deal for five years worth $71.25 million and still has three years left on that deal. Yes, he has 1400 yards or better the last four years. Yes, he is one of the top receivers in the NFL. So why is $47 million in guaranteed money not enough only two short years after signing that deal? Oh, and this is a guy that gets injured enough to be happy with what he has.

He is saying that there is no bad blood between him and the team, but why has he removed all reference to the team on social media? I mean, if you and the team are cool then what’s up with that?

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Then there is Taylor Lewan of the Tennessee Titans. He made it clear in the offseason that he wants to be the highest paid tackle in the game. This demand comes after just four years in the league. Maybe I am wrong here but, don’t you think a player ought to have more years under his belt before demanding the be the highest paid player at his position?

This all comes down to other players getting bigger contracts and players like Lewan feeling like they deserve the same. Oh, there is no doubt he is one of the best tackles in the NFL. He is big and strong and has a mean streak you want in an offensive lineman. He is part of a young core protecting Marcus Mariota along with right tackle Jake Conklin.

But, this will continue as long as the league will exist. Players will sign deals and want more money and for the most part, rightfully so. This is the way of life in the National Football League.

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