2018 Tennessee Titans Preview

2018 Tennessee Titans Preview

The Tennessee Titans will go into the 2018 as the scariest un-threatening team. The Titans 2017 campaign ended in the second round against the New England Patriots. Roster and coaching changes will be the reason for another playoff team.

Let’s start off with the offense and Matt Lafleur, who previously worked with the Los Angeles Rams.  This was Lafleur’s first year being the offensive coordinator. If any of you didn’t know, Lafleur was not the play caller for the Rams. Head coach Sean McVay had a large hand in the play calling. This was also the first year that Lafleur wasn’t with a Shanahan team and their offense. It’s going to be exciting to see what this offense will be like. Note for your fantasy needs, that Derrick Henry will be the break-out back of the year.

The Titans already ranked 2nd in rushing last year with the tandem of Henry and the starter DeMarco Murray. Lafleur’s main goal this offseason should be the passing game. The Titans finished ninth in passing and seventh overall in yards per game. From an outsider looking in, the offense was already producing the numbers that were needed. With the addition of Dion Lewis from the Patriots, that could help establish another weapon out of the backfield. Also, the addition of Blaine Gabbert as the backup quarterback will be a better fit for the kind of West Coast system LaFleur uses.

And, are you kidding? Who could forget that amazing offensive line that drinks beers out off of catfish?

Now onto the defensive side of the ball. Not exactly sure who’s going to be doing the majority of the play-calling. Will it be new head coach Mike Vrabel or new defensive coordinator Dean Pees? They both come into the Titans organization with a defensive mind. The Texans did struggle in Vrabel’s first and only year as the coordinator for the Texans. The Titans will probably look to run a 3-4. The background for Pees with the Baltimore Ravens and the Patriots has always been consistent. His defenses have ranked in the top half of the league seven out of 10 teams as the DC.

The best news for the Titans defense is that they finally have fixed their problem with some good depth in all positions. The additions of Malcolm Butler, draft picks Rashaan Evans and Harold Landry will help the defense out. The defense ranked fifth in yards allowed per game under future hall of fame coach Dick Lebeau last season.

It is still unsure about the outcome of the division as the Jaguars are the heavily favored team to win the AFC South. The Titans will most likely clinch a Wild Card and advance to the second round once again. Sadly, if they face the Patriots it’ll be another defeat until Tom Brady retires.

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