Sportface: What’s Wrong, Kevin Durant?

Sportface: What’s Wrong, Kevin Durant?

What’s Wrong, Kevin Durant?

What happened to you, Kevin Durant? Just a few years ago you were a nice guy, a basketball superstar who everyone would like because you were cool, understated, and didn’t feel the need to call attention to yourself or get mad at anybody.

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But now you’re a hothead. You’ve been thrown out of five NBA games and have been called for 14 technical fouls.

What changed? Are you upset about something? Is this anger turned outward?

It’s disconcerting to watch a good guy like you behave so out of character. You whine at the refs too much. This isn’t you. Or at least it didn’t use to be you.

Your basketball talents are so enormous, yet your pettiness has become so small-minded. What’s bugging you?

This doesn’t make sense. You’re playing for the best basketball team in the world, the Golden State Warriors. You are the best player on that team. You won the MVP of the NBA Finals last season.

Everything seems to be well-aligned for you. Yet you seem misaligned. Is this about LeBron? Are you miffed that everyone thinks he’s the best player in the world rather than you? You’re the second best player, Kevin. And you’re a better shooter than LeBron. You’re a world-class, elite basketball player. LeBron is an all-around better player than you but not by much. You’re close in ability to him.

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No one thinks less of you because they think highly of LeBron. We think you’re a fantastic basketball player. So this isn’t about us. We know you’re great.

Is this about you? What demons are you holding within you? Why so many technical fouls and ejections? It’s not necessary and doesn’t make sense.

It’s not you, KD. You’re a good guy. We all know that. You’re a cool person we want to root for. We are mesmerized by your super-human basketball abilities.

Why is this not enough for you?

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