Sportface: Buzzer Beater Blog About the Final Four

Sportface: Buzzer Beater Blog About the Final Four

Buzzer Beater Blog About the Final Four

Forget Michigan, Kansas, and Villanova. Nice teams but yawns.

This Final Four is all about the Ramblers from Loyola of Chicago. If they don’t win, this entire March Madness tournament will have been a waste of our collective times on this Earth. All the hours we’ve spent watching hoops over the past weeks, along with the “Dilly Dilly” Bud Lite commercials, will have been in vain. These will be times we will never be ever to regain in our lives. Out the window, they will have flown. Vapor. Nothing. Several days closer to our collective deaths.

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Unless Loyola of Chicago wins. This is the only storyline in the Final Four. This is what this tournament was made for. This is why we watch and we care. We need someone to rise up from obscurity and knock off the big boys. It’s what stirs our hearts. It’s what gives our lives meaning. It’s what matters about this tournament.

We need something to believe in. Most of us, if we’re honest, are living the lives of Loyola of Chicago basketball players. They were working hard but not well known. Nobody really cared who they were or what they were doing. They toiled and they broke sweats. But no one was noticing. They were an irrelevant sideshow, just another basketball team, one of the thousands in college basketball. They went to work, went home, went to bed, and got up and did it all over again. Just like we do every day.

But all of that has changed. Now they are somebodies. Everyone who follows college basketball knows who they are. They’re having their 15 minutes of fame.

This Final Four would be a bore without this team. But because they made it, Americans of every stripe will be tuned in to watch these guys from Nowheresville strive to be kings of the basketball hill. The Ramblers are the Hoosiers.

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These guys are the reason to watch the Final Four. Will they beat Michigan? I would say this: When a team passes the ball as swiftly and intelligently as this team does, they are tough to defend regardless of how talented the defensive players are. These guys really move the ball around. They drive into the lane and kick passes to open shooters on the wings and baselines.  Not one guy is worried about being the top scorer on the team, which you can’t say for a lot of basketball squads. Selfishness doesn’t mess these guys up.

These guys are tough and gritty. It’s a basketball style from yesteryear, a team from out of nowhere, a game that means so much you can almost taste it.

Can you taste it? Would you like Loyola of Chicago to devour Michigan?

You would eat that up, wouldn’t you?

It would be so delicious.

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