Sportface: March Madness Delivers Shock Theatre

March Madness Delivers Shock Theatre

What’s going on?

Mind-blowing basketball all weekend long.

That’s what’s going on.

North Carolina, last year’s national champions, got obliterated by Texas A&M by more than 20 points. It wasn’t even close. No one saw this blowout coming.

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What’s going on?

Of all the stunning aspects of this game, the most stunning was that the Texas A&M players didn’t even seem particularly surprised or elated by their massive man-handling of the Tar Heels. They seemed nonchalant about it. They pummeled one of the nation’s top basketball programs, turning the March Madness tournament upside down.


What’s going on?

Syracuse, a team that many said should not have made the tournament, took it to Michigan State, a team that many picked to win the national championship. Syracuse made this hyper-talented team look ordinary. It was extraordinary. It was almost hard to believe your eyes especially after watching Michigan State dominate their opponent in the first round game. In that game, they looked like world beaters. Against Syracuse, they looked like an average basketball team.

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This tournament is nuts. You think you know what’s likely to happen, North Carolina and Michigan will advance to the Sweet 16, but they don’t. Their season’s end. It shocks your system. It doesn’t add up logically in a basketball sense.

Nevada came back from 22 points to beat number two seed Cincinnati.

What’s going on?

All this surprise makes you wonder what will happen next? The University of Maryland Baltimore County could not beat Kansas State and go to the Sweet 16, making them the best sports story of this year and arguably in the history of March Madness?. What else do we have to experience during this delirious basketball tournament? What’s next?

It feels like we need to brace ourselves because anything could happen. Will Loyola of Chicago go to the Final Four? At this stage, nothing would be surprising. We’ve already been very surprised right out of our seats.

This is enthralling action. We are lured into the excitement. Our hearts are moved. Emotionally, we feel alive.

Go, Loyola. Go UMBC. Go Texas A&M. Go Nevada. Shock us all. Keep it up. Do your thing. We’re with you on this. This is your journey and we’re along for the joyride.

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