March Madness Prayer: Anybody But Duke or Carolina

March Madness Prayer: Anybody But Duke or Carolina

Pray, America, that the March Madness tournament doesn’t end with North Carolina or Duke winning the national championship.

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We don’t need them to win any more national championships in basketball. They don’t need them either.  Their trophy cases are crammed with national title trophies. Their basketball psyches and university foundations are all set. They have wealth, prestige and global respect. Their boosters have deep pockets. Their alumni are successful and happy and proud and rich and have been to more than enough Final Four victory parties.

America needs some other college to win the national championship. It will refresh the nation, make us feel that life is about change and evolution as opposed to the same old things, Duke and Carolina cutting down the March Madness nets. We need someone else to win besides these two blue bloods.

Variety in life is what makes it interesting. The same old story occurring over and over again bores human beings. Carolina and Duke winning national basketball titles are repetitive and stale stories.

I don’t really like Michigan State much but I would be OK if they won instead of the two blue bloods. It comes down to this: Anybody but Duke. Anybody but Carolina (ABDABC).

Kansas is full of nice people and open farmlands so a title for them would be quaint, a slice of wholesome American life. A Villanova national title wouldn’t be all that thrilling because they won it two years ago, but at least it wouldn’t be Carolina or Duke.

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Arizona is a nice place with warm weather and plenty of cacti. They could win and nobody would get too annoyed except the NCAA, which is investigating the school for recruiting violations. But this isn’t about the NCAA. This is about us, you and me, and the March Madness experience. Get the regulatory bodies out of our ways. This is about basketball thrills and chills devoid of complicating factors.

It boils down to fairness. Final Four victory parties should not be hoarded by one or two schools too often as they have been by Duke and Carolina fans. They’ve had their fair share of fun. It’s time for some other people from other schools to drink wine and eat steaks in celebration of their school’s winning the national title in hoops. People like to party, and the more people who get to partake of such parties the more fair life is.

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