Sportface “Brackets” Lunardi Last Four in, First Four Out

Sportface “Brackets” Lunardi Releases Last Four In, First Four Out of March Madness

Sammy “Brackets” Sportface has released the names of the last four teams that will qualify for next week’s March Madness college basketball tournament.

Sportface identifies Prairie View, Valparaiso, UNC Wilmington, and Pepperdine as the last four teams to make the field of 68. Strength of schedule was a key factor for why Prairie View got in. They beat St. John’s High School, the New Jersey Generals, and Wyoming.

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Pepperdine got in because they have a cool campus that sits on the Pacific Ocean. Valparaiso punched their ticket based on a strong RPI ranking of 675.  UNC Wilmington earned a bid by losing to 20 teams not ranked in the top 100.

“These four teams did enough to make the tournament,” said Joe Sportface Lunardi. “You could argue that Valpo’s RPI ranking of 675 was pretty low but they played a strong non-conference schedule.”

Sportface Brackets Joe also released the names of the last four out of the tournament. They included Grambling, which is better at football, Howard University, Sarah Lawrence University, and Florida Gulf Coast.

Sarah Lawrence has never been known for having a good basketball team so leaving them out makes sense regardless of their overall record and strength of schedule. Florida Gulf Coast should have made the tourney based on their run to the Sweet 16 three years ago.

“The last four out came down to a number of factors that had very little to do with basketball,” said Joey Brackets Sportface. “These decisions are sometimes arbitrary and have no basis in logic.”

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Joey Brackets Sportface has been serving as the NGSCSports “Bracketology” March Madness guru since the Internet sports website was founded back in the early 1970s.

“We got the best guy to predict the last four in and first four out of the March Madness tourney,” said NGSCSports chief executive, Ralph Garcia. “He’s been following college basketball closely for the past several years and really knows his stuff. He understands what RPI rankings mean better than the average person.”

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