Sportface: Eli and OBJ Delight Us With “Dirty Dancing”

Eli and OBJ Delight Us With “Dirty Dancing” Super Bowl Ad

Last night during the Super Bowl we saw Eli Manning and Odell Beckham
Jr. (OBJ) holding hands and dancing, just like Jennifer Garner and
Patrick Swazey in the classic movie, “Dirty Dancing.”
Back and forth together they moved in their New York Giants practice
jersey and shorts on the practice football field.

It was well choreographed. And then the crescendo, when Eli lifted Odell above him
in a horizontal swan-like pose just exactly the way we remember Garner
doing it in her dancing gown as Swazey guided her so steadily, so

It was all so romantic and reminiscent of that movie we saw years ago.

This was the Super Bowl commercial that made the audience say to
itself “No way, this isn’t a commercial where Eli and OBJ dance
together, touching hands, reaching out as if there is nothing unusual
about it. They didn’t really do this commercial.”

Yes, they did. Eli looked sincere in the joy he was having dancing with
OBJ. So did OBJ especially when he posed like a swan channeling his
inner Jennifer Garner.

All night we waited for the Super Bowl ad that would dazzle and stun
us. This was the one.

There have been many clever Super Bowl ads over the years, and this
one goes to the top of that list for it’s “wow, I didn’t see that
coming” shock value.

Bravo to the creators. Not sure what was being sold but who cares?

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