SS: Alex Smith Wrong Answer for Rancid Redskins

SS: Alex Smith Wrong Answer for Rancid Redskins

Alex Smith Wrong Answer For Rancid Redskins








One disaster after another; an avalanche of travesties and
boondoggles; a screwed up organization; this is the state of the
woeful Washington Redskins for what seems like centuries.

Remember when the Skins picked up Primetime Neon Deion Sanders after
his prime? Or do you even remember that he played for the Skins? You
probably don’t because he did so little while there. He was not
anything close to Prime Time.

Or do you even remember that he played for the Skins? You
probably don’t because he did so little while there. He was not
anything close to Prime Time.









Remember the good old days when the Skins picked up Bruce Smith after
his prime?  Not much was heard from Smith as a Redskin because, well,
he didn’t do much.

But Neon and Bruce got paid a ton of money to not contribute much to
the Redskins franchise. This organization has a habit of making bad
decisions, and they specialize in acquiring players that are past
their prime and paying them far too much money.


The latest example, of course, is the acquisition this week of
quarterback Alex Smith from the Kansas City Chiefs for some $71
million. Nothing against Alex, but he’s been in the league for quite a
long time already – which means he’s past his prime – so of course the
Skins picked him up too late and stuffed his wallet with a gaudy
amount of cash. Why? Why? Why?

They should either trade for a younger quarterback or draft one this
year and go with youth versus a guy beyond his peak playing days. If
he was so great, why would the Chiefs be willing to trade him?

Does anyone on planet Earth believe that the Redskins are going to win
the Super Bowl led by Smith? We know the answer to that question. Does
anyone think the Redskins will be better next season than last now
that they have Smith? Answer: No.

He has a similar ability to Kirk Cousins, who threw for over 4,000 yards
in a season and who this team will soon be trading away. Cousins
wasn’t taking this squad to the Super Bowl either. Smith isn’t much of
an improvement, if any, over Cousins. The problem is the Redskins
organization upset Cousins so much in the past few years in contract
disputes that he wants to leave. He recognizes a loser when he sees

This organization has been making colossal mistakes pretty much
non-stop since they won the Super Bowl 26 years ago in 1992. It would
take several in-depth paragraphs to list all of them but as a former
Redskin fan – I now root for Trae Young instead – trust me when I say
it is just about unbelievable how awful this franchise has been for a
quarter of a century.

Remarkably bad, so bad that it’s not even funny but rather smelly and
disturbing. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong for the
Redskins. They draft a quarterback a few years ago high in the first
round, Robert Griffin III, who plays well in his first year and then
gets a major knee injury that essentially ends his career almost
before it got started.


So bad, so so bad. So profoundly inept. What’s worse is this will
likely to continue for several more decades. The rancid Redskins will
continue to careen down the highway to haplessness.

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