Sportface: Belichick and Pats moving on to Cincinnati?

Sportface: Belichick and Pats moving on to Cincinnati?

Belichick Says Patriots Are “Moving on to Cincinnati” During Super Bowl Media Day

At today’s Super Bowl media day, coach Bill Belichick seemed to either
be playing with the minds of the reporters asking him questions, or
he’s starting to win so many Super Bowls that he doesn’t know who his
opponent is this year.

A reporter asked: “Hey Coach, how do you plan to stop the Eagles
quarterback, Nick Foles?”






“We’re moving on to Cincinnati,” he said.

“But coach, I asked you about the Eagles, not the Bengals.”

“We’re moving on to Cincinnati.”

“Coach, what are you talking about, there is nothing for you to be
moving on to in Cincinnati this weekend. The Super Bowl is being
played in Minnesota.”

“We’re focused on Cincinnati,” the coach said.

“Coach, the Bengals aren’t playing this weekend. You’re playing the
Philadelphia Eagles.”

“On to Cincinnati,” he said.

“Coach, what’s with your obsession with Cincinnati. Does it stem from
your liking the TV Show ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’ as a kid?” Now that was a show for the ages,

wasn’t it? Takes you back to the glory days of television when life was just plain simple.








“We’re moving on to Cincinnati. That was a great show, by the way.”

“Coach, you can’t keep using the same answer to our questions. This is
media day. We need you to talk about the game with the Eagles. Yet you
keep talking about another city that has no involvement with the Super
Bowl. How are we supposed to write about your thoughts on the game
when you aren’t answering our questions.”

Belichick gave that oh so familiar blank look on his face. No smile was to be seen,

or laughter to be heard from the coach. He just stared at everyone in the room and

without hesitation said

“Move on with us to Cincinnati.”

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