Sportface: 103 Greatest of All Time List

103 Greatest of All Time List Released

It’s in vogue these days to identify who is the greatest player or
coach of all time. Today, for example, we must consider Roger Federer
the greatest tennis player of all time with his victory in the
Australian Open – his 20th Major title.

In a similar way, we are pondering now whether Bill Belichick is the
greatest football coach of all time and Tom Brady is the greatest
football player ever.

The following list has been compiled to officially name all GOATs
(greatest of all time) in all walks of life. One hundred and three
GOATs have been named.

1.      men’s tennis: Roger Federer
2.      basketball: Michael Jordan
3.      swimming: Michael Phelps
4.      beverage: McDonalds Hi-C Orange
5.      water: spring
6.      hamburger: Baconator
7.      French fry: McDonald’s
8.      football: Tom Brady
9.      From smallest town to biggest superstar: Larry Bird
10.     Steak sauce: A1
11.     Junk food: Barbecue Fritos
12.     Olympic team achievement: U.S. men’s hockey Gold Medal in 1980
13.     Speed: Insane Bolt
14.     Weight-lifting: Vasili Alexiev
15.     Broadcaster: Bob Costas
16.     Blogger: Sammy Sportface
17.     Sitcom writer: Sherwood Schwartz
18.     Color: purple
19.     Swimming color analysts: Rowdy Gaines
20.     Office supply: post-it note
21.     Invention: Internet
22.     Technology metaphor: information superhighway
23.     Mountain: Everest
24.     Toilet Paper: Charmin
25.     Wrestling: the guy who went 152-0 while a college wrestler at Iowa
26.     Kids sporting event: Little League World Series
27.     Amusement Park: Disneyland
28.     Amusement Park Ride: Rebel Yell (King’s Dominion)
29.     Beach: Rehoboth, DE
30.     Resort Getaway: Bermuda and Hawaii (tie)
31.     Golfer: Jack Nicklaus
32.     Shakespearean Sports Tragedy: Tiger Woods
33.     Condiment: vinegar on boardwalk fries
34.     Vegetable: potato
35.     Sports blog editor: Ralph Garcia
36.     Jewelry: diamond
37.     Fast Food Chain: Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
38.     Game at neighborhood picnic: egg toss
39.     Novel: A Tender Bar
40.     Play: “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”
41.     Rock: granite
42.     Decathlete: Bruce Jenner
43.     Father on The Kardashians TV Show: Caitlyn Jenner
44.     Kid’s book: The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
45.     Movie: “Rocky”
46.     Overrated Movie: “Star Trek”
47.     Discus Thrower: Al Oerter
48.     Dancer: Michael Jackson
49.     Male singer: Elton John
50.     Female singer: Carly Simon
51.     College basketball player: Trae Young
52.     Women’s college basketball coach: Geno Auriemma
53.     Pencil: #2
54.     Printer: HP
55.     Dog: collie
56.     Cat: the null set
57.     Innovation: smartphone
58.     Tractor: John Deere
59.     Car: Jaguar
60.     Bus: Greyhound
61.     Little League baseball program: Taiwan
62.     Meat: steak
63.     Bar: Cheers
64.     Envelope: vanilla
65.     Name: Sammy Sportface
66.     Horse: Mr. Ed
67.     Sports Network: ESPN
68.     Wood: cedar
69.     Baseball mitt: catcher’s
70.     University: Wake Forest
71.     Football tailgates: University of Alabama
72.     Academic university: Harvard
73.     Time Period in History: Renaissance
74.     Painter: Picasso
75.     Sculptor: Michaelangelo
76.     College class: art history
77.     TV series: “Breaking Bad”
78.     State: Florida
79.     Weather: San Diego
80.     Street sign: pedestrian x-ing
81.     Math symbol: division sign
82.     Math formula: e = mc squared
83.     Chemical: zinc
84.     Comic: “Peanuts”
85.     Name of character in a Shakespearean play: Puck
86.     Candy bar: Heath
87.     Soap: Dove
88.     Cologne: Brute
89.     Paper: 8 ½ by 11
90.     Cycling: Greg LeMond
91.     Beauty Contest: Miss America
92.     Bizarre place: Galapagos Islands
93.     Actor: Rocky Balboa
94.     Baseball: Babe Ruth
95.     Shades of the color red: maroon
96.     Teeth: molers
97.     Pancake: buckwheat
98.     Dessert: whacky cake
99.     Diving: Greg Louganis
100.    Female tennis player: Martina Navratilova
101.    Body part: heart
102.    Olympic athlete nickname: Pocket Hercules
103.    Name of professional sports team: Colorado Avalanche

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