Sportface: Confusion about Amendola and Edelman

Football World Confused About Amendola and Edelman

Hey Danny Amendola, are you Julian Edelman? Or are you Danny Edelman
or perhaps Julian Amendola?

You’re the guy who caught two touchdown passes yesterday in the AFC
title game. As you ran across the field and caught those balls it sure
looked like something Julian Edelman would be doing in a big game like
that one.

Does your coach, Bill Belichick, know that you are not Julian Edelman?
Does Julian Amendola, I mean Edelman, know that he is not Danny
Amendola, I mean Julian?

Tom Brady, as smart as he is, still isn’t sure whether he threw those
two touchdown passes to Danny or Julian yesterday. The word clones
come to mind.






Same height, same build, same speed, same talent level, same position,
same team, same quarterback – it all makes us think you two guys are
two zygotes within the same embryo, two genes from the same pool, two
DNAs from the same DNA.

You two no doubt were born on the same day, eat the same junk foods,
wear the same type of undershirt, date women with similar
personalities, and never say anything bad about Tom Brady or Bill
Belichick because you know if you do that they will trade you to the
Cleveland Browns.

You two are blood brothers, Starsky and Hutch, Frick and Frack, Thelma
and Louise, two peas from the same pod. After your team’s post-game
celebration, no doubt the first thing Danny did was post a Tweet that
read “It was cool being Julian Edelman in today’s game today.”







Never in the history of the NFL have there been two players on the
same team who looked and played as similar to each other as Danny
Julian Amendola Edelman. Even their last names of several syllables
have a similar ring: Amendola and Edelman.

What is the world to make of the two of you? How did this happen that
two guys are so alike on the same team at the same team playing the
same position? Is this one element of Belichick’s multi-pronged
strategy to different his teams from the competition by having players
look and play the same so the defense gets confused about which guy to
cover while having to keep track of their names?

Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman are the same people. He is one guy
with two different numbers. Belichick’s a genius.

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