3 Count Thursday Podcast 12/7/17

Join 3 Count Thursday with Big Jim and Ryan Miller as they give you all the news in Wrestling. Check out what is happening with your favorite wrestler and all the info you will need on upcoming events and matches:

Tonight, the Big Guy and Ryan talk:

Will ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy succeed?
Should Roman Reigns be so confident in himself?
What happened to WWE PPV stages?
Would Daniel Bryan really leave WWE?

All of this and more…..

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Guess Who's Back

We are back and we are live for the first time since before Thanksgiving and we have plenty to discussWill 'Woken' Matt Hardy succeed?Should Roman Reigns be so confident in himself?What happened to WWE PPV stages?Would Daniel Bryan really leave WWE?All of this and more…..Make sure you visit our website https://3countthursday.com/

Posted by 3 Count Thursday on Thursday, December 7, 2017

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