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Knights Still Humble Hosting 1-4 ECU Pirates

The University of Central Florida Knights won in dominating fashion for their fourth win taming the Bearcats of Cincinnati 51-23 to take their record within the American Athletic Conference to 2-0.  It was hard to tell what was the more powerful storm in the sky….The weather that ended the game early after three quarters or the Knights’ passing attack led by sophomore quarterback Mckenzie Milton’s 374 yards and 5 touchdowns on 16-19 (84%).

At 4-0 overall, UCF’s narrative has begun to change leading into the October 14th battle with the East Carolina Pirates.  The media and fans have begun treating the program as if they have made a mark that is indelible, but Head Coach Scott Frost stopped to give a friendly reminder to the nation of Black and Gold,

Coach Forst remarked during his weekly press conference,  “. . . I want to guard against talking and acting like we’ve arrived. We’re not there yet. We can still get a lot better. I think there’s still a lot of improvements we can make and I want our guys to stay hungry”.

That point of view was evident to his players during this week’s presser.  While giving up only 21 points could be dubbed an acceptable performance, I could notice an air of concern in linebacker Pat Jasinski none the less.

“We were playing hard. That’s something. The effort is definitely not an issue when it comes to our defense. I think we always have guys running to the ball and playing their hardest. But it was little things from discipline . . . jumping offsides. That’s something that can kill a drive. That really hurt us. Then just getting off the field on third down. It was little things. Whether it was a miscommunication or a leverage issue or not staying in your gap. But it’s all correctable stuff and we’re looking to prove that we got it all fixed this week”.

He continued on expressing that while UCF may have a target on their back with the national ranking jumping to 22 from 25, as a program, they are still climbing. Jasinski the following this when asked which was tougher, the climb to the Top 25 or the struggle of staying there.

“A lot of people would say going from 0-12 [in 2015] to 6-6 [in 2016]. . . You know,  that was big. But to us, that’s not really big. It’s harder to get to 9-3 or 10-2. So you could say that the climb is tough because it takes a lot. But at the same time, when you got the target on your back [from being ranked Top 25] you can’t take a day off because everyone’s gonna be giving you their best. I think they’re equally as important and as tough because no one is just working to get to a good place to where you have that target on your back. . . ”

That’s kind of discipline that will stop the 1-4 Pirates of ECU from successfully pulling off the trap victory.

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