Scandal Hits NCAA Basketball Coaches and Families

NCAA Scandal alters rankings for the upcoming season.

A recent NCAA scandal that involves an FBI investigation has shaken up the sports world and the
preseason men’s college basketball rankings.

A serious investigation has gone underway that involves coaching staffs and associates of universities
bribing and supporting recruits and their families financially in the promise that they will attend and play for
their schools. Those current and recent players have also been affected by this investigation as well. Even some top recruits, and former NBA agents.

With major programs being affected like Arizona, USC, Auburn, Oklahoma St., Alabama, University of
Miami and Louisville, the team that will alter the most due to the scandal will be Louisville.

Without well-known head coach Hall of Famer Rick Pitino, who has been asked to leave without pay, the
Cardinals will move from a top-ten spot above the Kentucky Wildcats at six, down to the 13th spot.

This is no disrespect to interim head coach David Padgett who will step in Pitino’s shoes. Just look at
Pitino’s accomplishments and milestones along with his 400+ wins at Louisville. Padgett will have some
big shoes to fill for the time being and a lot of pressure is coming his way.

With this mishap taking place, the preseason rankings have been rearranged based on certain coaches
and players being put on leave or even fired. The polls are anyone’s game. This could shift the
atmosphere in any practices, meetings, or games good or bad.

It will be interesting to see how the teams involved in the investigation respond through gameplay.
They are going to have a chip on their shoulder because everyone will be watching how they respond to
anything along with the pressure. Any other wrong move and they could lose all they have, and gain
unwanted attention which has already been done.

I think it’s safe to say that we are all looking forward to how this will unfold on and off the court.

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