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Sammy Sportface: So Why the beaches are the Chargers in LA?

It’s about the beaches, man, not the stadiums. San Diego beaches are gorgeous, among the best in America.

Yet all anyone wants to talk about is why the San Diego Chargers are playing their games in Los Angeles in front of small crowds. Picture a guy on a surfboard right now in the San Diego ocean. Do you think he cares whether the Chargers play in San Diego, Los Angeles, Anaheim, or Oakland? Do you think he cares if they change the team’s name to San Diego Raiders?







It’s all so confusing and feels like a Grade B movie we’ve seen before. A California pro football team can’t figure who whether they want to play in Los Angeles. The Anaheim Angels, a baseball team, didn’t succumb to the glitzy LA name. So why does there seem to be every other year some California pro sports franchise wrestling about whether to play its games in Los Angeles, or wanting to move out of LA to Oakland, or move out of Oakland to Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles Raiders were at one time the Oakland Raiders then became the Oakland Raiders again after switching to the Los Angeles Raiders. At least I think that’s how it went down. The Los Angeles Rams were the Los Angeles Rams until they became the St, Louis Rams. They should have stayed there because they win a Super Bowl there but the pull of Los Angeles got them back where they were at the start.







Now the Chargers want to be in LA. Why? The beaches in San Diego are better. It’s got to be about money, somebody thinking they can make more with the team playing in LA. So far, that’s not happening. A marketing ploy could turn this around: Rename the team the Anaheim Chargers and make Mike Trout the quarterback. The guy can play ball.

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