Fox Sports Hires Michael Vick, Backlash Begins

Former #1 overall pick for the Atlanta Falcons and controversial Quarterback Michael Vick, has agreed to become an analyst for “Fox NFL Kickoff” every Sunday before NFL football. He will also make regular studio appearances throughout the week on FS1. Vick hasn’t played since 2015 with the Steelers, but he is ready to take the next step after football. Vick had 22,464 passing yards, 6,109 rushing yards and a total of 169 career TD’s (133 passing, 36 rushing) in his 13 seasons. Vick was arrested and charged with federal felony charges for running an illegal dog fighting ring in 2008. Fans were outraged by Vick and his actions, and some boycotted the games. He brings a great football mind to the studio over at Fox but is the distraction and possible ratings hit worth it for Fox Sports? Here are some negatives and positives to this decision.

Why it was a good decision to hire Vick 

Fox sports hiring Mike Vick to be a part of their Sunday pregame football coverage is very controversial, yet could be a great hire for Fox Sports at the same time. Fox sports loves to hire retired players from all sports and bring them on on air to discuss the games they know so well. Vick is one of the best dual threat quarterbacks of all time, and his perspective on young QBs such as Dak Prescott, DeShone Kizer, or Deshaun Watson just for example would be interesting to myself. Fox sports also isn’t scared to hire controversial figures, with names like Alex Rodriguez, Pete Rose on their team, making things for Vick not as obscure or out of the ordinary for Fox Sports or to their viewers. In an email to the USA Today, Fox Sports President showed his support for Vick saying ” He was obvious an outstanding player, but we feel he has an incredible bright future as an analyst” He showed his support for the 13 year NFL vet, and he is not worried about Vick’s past, or the backlash Fox could receive from viewers. But should they be?

Why he shouldn’t be on Fox Sports 

Do the fans want to watch Vick? The Philadelphia Eagles faced a ton of scrutiny for signing Vick after he was released from jail. Vick was sentenced to 23 months in federal prison for financing an illegal dog fighting ring, participating in fights, and the execution of several dogs. Lifelong fans of the Eagles refused to watch because they were so sickened by his actions. Hiring him could legitimately hurt Fox in viewership, with a plethora of other NFL pre-game football coverage, fans could easily choose to watch a rival network instead. It’s simple to them because seeing Vick is off putting. Although he is a great football player, with great insight on the game, is the baggage Vick brings along with him heavy enough to take down Fox in the ratings?

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