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Basketball at Its Best – Cavs vs. Warriors

The Cleveland Cavaliers scored 145 points in the first half of Game 4. LeBron James and Kevin Durant bickered with each other. Draymond Green got two technical fouls and after the second in the third quarter should have been, by NBA rules, thrown out of the building.

But a referee said the first technical was not on Green but rather Warriors coach Steve Kerr. This despite the fact that at the scorer’s table the technical had been officially given to Green.

Which brings us to Mark Jackson, who said “somebody’s lying.”

Lying and bickering and scoring, oh my.

Then there was Kyrie Irving. I’m telling you if the Warriors don’t start double teaming him when he drives to the basket they are going to lose the next three games and be the first team in NBA history to lose the NBA Finals after leading the Series three games to none.

Kyrie, what’s up, man? Every time you drive to the basket you score. Left hand. Right hand. Scoop shots. Bank shots. Seven-footers in front of you. Every single time you drive to the basket you score.

Good strategy by the Cavs. Let Kyrie drive to the basket and get out of the way because he’s going to score every time. Has there ever been a guard in the NBA Finals who was so unstoppable driving to the basket?

Tony Parker was up there among the elites, but not at the level of Kyrie. You see if you don’t double team him driving he’s going to carry the Cavaliers to back-to-back championships. And it will be the biggest choke in NBA Finals history.

Cover the guy.

Or embarrass yourselves.

This NBA Finals Series has been the most interesting basketball to watch in a very long time. When you see guys make as many shots as they have been from long distance and every other spot on the court, you have to be inspired. To be that great you have to practice a ton.

Millions of people are watching them do this and enjoying the thrill. We are marveling at their stupendous shooting and scoring skills. What some may not know is how many lonely hours each has had to spend by themselves practicing those shots.

Those have been quiet times, alone often. Just one guy, a basketball, and a hoop. Shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting – for years and years and years and years and years and years and years.

While alone these guys have sacrificed many other things they could have been dong with their lives to become very skilled at one very specific craft: shooting a basketball.

Seems kind of mundane and pointless in some ways. Why do that? Why not read a book or play the piano or just lie down and watch TV?

Well, they do it to make a lot of money. But they do it also because they want to be the greatest players in the world. And they are.

If you are going to do something, you might as well do it well. Credit these Warriors and Cavaliers for taking that to heart. Swish after swish after swish. Durant – boom. LeBron – boom. Curry – boom. Klay Thompson – boom.

It’s so fun to watch. It’s also moving. Think of how much time these guys spend refining this skill so that we can enjoy watching them do it so well.

Like great painters and other artists, they excel at their craft because of how much time they spend practicing it.


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