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Belichick Snapfaces Steelers

Within the past 59 hours, the Pittsburgh Steelers went to social media to talk some trash and say disparaging, bulletin board things about the New England Patriots, their opponents this weekend in the AFC Championship game.

Asked by a reporter about it today at his daily presser, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said: “I don’t know anything about Snapface. I’m focused on our strategy for beating the Steelers.”

The reporter said: “But Steeler coach Mike Tomlin insulted you in the team’s locker room and the video got posted all over social media. How do you feel about that?”

“I told you, I don’t follow Instachat, Facechat, and Snapgram,” he said. “We’re focused on the Steelers.”

“Coach, it’s not Snapface, it’s Facebook,” the reporter said.

“I’d like to Snapface you,” said the coach.

“Coach, it’s not Instachat, it’s Instagram. And it’s not Facechat. It’s Facetime. And it’s not Snapgram. It’s Snapchat.”

The coach was getting intrigued.

“So What’s App?”

“That’s a name of a social media application,” the reporter said. “What does it have to do with us preparing for the Steelers?”


“Then shut up, Snapface,” he said. “Next question.”

Another reporter asked: “So how do you plan to Snapface the Steelers this weekend and get your Patriots team to the Super Bowl again?”

“I don’t know, maybe do a Hulu dance in the locker room before the game to loosen by guys up, then take a Snapface of it, and then post it on Instachat.”

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