You’re applying for a job. You write a cover letter and send it along with a resume. No one responds. You send 35 more. Listen to the unwanted, reverberating silence of being ignored by the world. Your boss asks you to send an agenda before you meet with him. You do. He complains you didn’t […]

So You Want to be a Writer?

I struggle to justify posting a blog here about writing. Most of you, I imagine, don’t write for a living per se. Composing sentences may not be your favorite thing or obsession but it is most definitely mine. But there’s another part of me that thinks, hey, why not put down some thoughts about what […]

Ten Sports Writing Tips

Sports writing is a tough process. The written word must capture the excitement, passion, and drama of a game in a way that is both concise and engaging. And it must do so in a way that is understandable to a broad audience, without bogging down the reader with technical jargon or complex terminology. Do […]