The Top 5 Australian Spectator Sports in 2023

We Aussies love sports, ever since the first European settlers arrived in the Land Down Under, we brought with us a mad mix of sporting activities, most of which grew in popularity over the years. The English game of cricket was exported to India, Pakistan, the West Indies and, of course, here in Australia, then […]

Riotous Rugby Reunion Report

Back in college at Wake Forest, several rugby players begged Sammy Sportface to play this rough and wrong-headed sport. He went to one practice, whipped Birdman in a foot race, then quit because other fellas across the entire campus coaxed him to help them win an assortment of intramural sports championships. But that’s now why […]

Finalists announced for the inaugural Rugby Africa Media and Photography Awards

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, August 26, 2021/ — The inaugural Rugby Africa ( Media and Photography Awards is pleased to announce the finalists in the running of the prestigious awards. With applications to the awards running from 17th May to 31st July 2021, the competition was open to journalists and photographers who have remarkably captured the oval […]