Arizona Cardinals’ QB Kyler Murray Is Everything and More – Part 2

Kyler Cole Murray deserves an encore. In my piece about the Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback a month ago, I shined the brightest of spotlights on the 2018 Heisman Trophy winner from Bedford, TX. A few days after I wrote the aforementioned article, Mr. Murray and the Cardinals took center stage on Sunday Night Football against their […]

Arizona Cardinals: The Loyal and Legendary Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald. There are many words that encapsulate the definition of the all-galaxy Arizona Cardinals wide receiver. Most prominently, he’s the epitome of these two adjectives: loyal and legendary. Merriam-Webster Loyal: unswerving in allegiance Throughout the good and bad, Fitzgerald has remained loyal to the Arizona Cardinals. Legendary: 1) of, relating to, or characteristic of […]

Arizona Cardinals’ QB Kyler Murray Is Everything and More

Electrifying. That’s the only word in the dictionary that describes Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback Kyler Cole Murray — he excites intensively and suddenly. Murray’s part Superman and part Flash rolled into one superhero. Does a cannon arm along with effortless speed and quickness do anything for you? It certainly does for me, my friends. Kyler Murray […]