Free Agency: Simulator Proves Difficult Negotiations Ahead For Browns

Let’s think about sports again and not focus on Coronavirus. NFL free agency and the draft are expected to start on time. The Browns currently have the seventh most cap space in the NFL with $61,964,940. The team will likely release Olivier Vernon. If that happens, the Browns will have $85,248,193 in total cap space. […]

NBA 2018: Jamal Crawford to Philly?

Jamal Crawford is still a free agent heading into the 2018 season. Multiple teams have expressed their interest in the 38-year-old, including the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers are a team that would be able to pay the veteran to come off of the bench and help aid their young team. Jamal would be a pivotal […]

The Giants Awkward Place

Last week, I spoke with Earnest Christian on his “EJ Talks Football” podcast and in our ramblings concerning NFL free agency, we discussed the current position of the New York Giants.  It was a difficult spot for me because I have a hatred for this franchise that goes longer than a quarter of a century. […]

NFL Free Agency Hype

On Thursday, 4PM Eastern Standard Time, the NFL’s free-agency period begins.  This is when every homeless NFL player gets wined and dined by different teams or offered a chunk of money they can’t turn down to re-locate.  OR, this is when players will take a pay-cut anywhere in the league, just to be part of […]